West African Minerals Corporation


West African Minerals Corporation (formerly Emerging Metals Limited) is an iron ore mining and exploration group which has built a portfolio of iron ore assets in West Africa.
The Group holds a 100% interest in six iron ore exploration licences over an extensive lease area of approximately 6,000 square kilometres in an emerging iron ore province in Cameroon, West Africa. In Sierra Leone, the Group has a 75% interest in five iron ore exploration licences. West African Minerals’ tenements are strategically located in close proximity to advanced iron ore exploration and development projects and, as such, are well positioned potentially to contain mineralisation and benefit from the infrastructure being developed in the region.
West African Minerals plans to continue to identify and evaluate other possible opportunities for the acquisition of interests in natural resources companies and projects on a worldwide basis. The Directors will seek opportunities for investment in projects and companies which are, in their opinion, undervalued with attractive growth prospects and will benefit from the experience and knowledge of the Group’s management team.