Burnbrae Germany GmbH

Burnbrae Germany has invested more than 200 million Euros in German property. The portfolio comprises of Residential and Commercial properties throughout Germany as well as some Development Projects. Initially investing in Berlin from 2004, Burnbrae now owns in excess of 1,500 apartments and 150 Commercial Units creating an annual return on investment of 10%. Prices have risen by 30% since purchase and look set to continue. A mixed location portfolio approach has been taken to maximise short term rental opportunities and to benefit from capital appreciation in more undervalued areas. Berlin represents a very attractive property investment opportunity, being arguably the future 'capital' of Europe and currently having the lowest real estate prices of any major European city including the old Eastern European capitals. Berlin itself has, and is, undergoing massive redevelopment. Transport is modern and efficient, traffic minimal, the city has many parks, lakes, rivers and canals. All of which contribute to Berlin being Europe's greenest city. Culturally there are a range of art galleries, museums, cinemas, theatres and opera houses and a thriving restaurant, bar and nightlife scene. For the first time since the wall came own there is now a positive influx of people into the city. Many of the Government departments from the old capital Bonn have been relocated to Berlin and it is the centre of Germany for film, music, design, advertising, marketing, art and fashion. Focus is now on all types of property throughout Germany, ranging from undervalued cities of the old East such as Leipzig and Dresden to the more market established centres of Hamburg and Munich. Parts of North West and far Western Germany are offering unusually high yields compared to almost anywhere in Europe. Burnbrae Germany invested at the bottom of the property market with solid investments, generating good returns and continuing asset value increase. The recent upturn in the German economy and general confidence is strengthening this further. James Mellon is Director and Denham Eke is Director. Justin Rose is Geschäftsführer.