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What Clever Robots Mean for Jobs

By Wall Street Journal on 24th of February 2015

Experts rethink belief that tech always lifts employment as machines take on skills once thought uniquely humanCAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Economist Erik Brynjolfsson had long dismissed fears that automation would soon devour jobs that required the uniquely human skills of judgment and dexterity.Many of his colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where a big chunk of tomorrow’s technology is conceived and built, have spent their careers trying to prove such machines are within reach.When Google Inc.

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Google in deal to boost mobile payments

By Financial Times on 24th of February 2015

Google on Monday struck a deal with struggling start-up Softcard and several US telecoms companies to beef up its Google Wallet app as it tries to tackle Apple in the fast-

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Novo Nordisk’s game-changing oral diabetes drug clears Phase II

By on 23rd of February 2015

Novo Nordisk’s new oral diabetes drug measured up to its injected counterpart in a midstage study, promising results the company heralds as a milestone in the field.The drug, called OG217SC, is an oral version of Novo’s semaglutide, now in Phase III development as a weekly subcutaneous treatment. Each acts as an analog of the hormone GLP-1 to promote the body’s natural production of insulin, spurring weight loss and relieving the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.And the oral version did just that in Phase II, Novo said.

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