Group Structure

Isle of Man
The Burnbrae Group's head office is centred in Douglas on the Isle of Man, with our European office based in Berlin. The Island headquarters offers a highly efficient environment in which to do business, not just because of its service providers and competitive tax regime but also due to its proximity to the United Kingdom, and hence into the European Union and beyond.

The Isle of Man's Government focuses on encouraging economic growth through a carefully planned legislative framework. Over recent years, it has become one of Europe's premier offshore financial centres. As a result the Island has attracted top tier professional firms and banks capable of catering for the full spectrum of the business community. A number of Group holdings are also based on the island.

The Burnbrae Group holds a diverse portfolio of public and private investments grouped under the headings of Financial Services, Mining, Leisure, Bio Technology, Property and Construction. Our involvement in these investments covers the spectrum from full ownership and management control to a simple holding.

Each of our investments has been made based on careful analysis and great attention being paid to the fundamentals which underlie their respective industries. It has been this investment approach that has allowed us to enjoy an enviable compound growth.

The Burnbrae Group is not bound by a specific investment mandate or industry focus and we are able to act on exciting opportunities with great agility. Whether in mature cash generative businesses or new and exciting start-up ventures, we are always keen to evaluate your investment proposal. Please refer to our Contact page for details.

Selected Holdings

Financial Services >

  • ARBB GmbH
  • Billing Services Group plc
  • Charlemagne Capital Limited
  • Conister Bank Limited
  • InterQuest Group plc
  • Manx Financial Group plc
  • Rivington Street Holdings PLC

Mining >

  • Brazilian Gold
  • Condor Resources plc
  • Copper Development Corporation
  • Ferrum Limited
  • Emerging Metals Limited
  • Hathor Resources
  • Polo Resources Limited
  • Regent Pacific Group, Limited
  • Solfotara Mining Corp.

Leisure >

  • All Star Leisure Limited
  • Calabrese Holdings Limited
  • The Commander
  • Sleepwell Hotels Limited
  • Webis plc

Bio Technology >

  • BioManx Limited
  • Genseq Limited
  • Medivation, Inc.
  • Trojantec Limited
  • Warner Chilcott

Property and Contracts >

  • Burnbrae Limited
  • Burnbrae Germany GmbH
  • Castle Asset Holdings Limited
  • Speymill plc
  • Speymill Deutsche Immobilien plc